1. Carolyn Imhoff

    25 Apr 2017
    I really enjoy photographing new faces of the modeling word. I like to raise the bar to give my client a great first expression of modeling.  The shoot transforms into an experience for the both of us that allows for creativity and connection. Playing with different angles, creating lighting situations,…

  2. Hannah Lauderback

    26 Mar 2017
    My last shoot before Christmas last year was in a collaborative setting with Charles Long at his home studio. I have always been more of an outdoor shooter but I have forgotten my love for the studio setting. Having everything in your control is a nice change of pace when…

  3. Sandy Cann Lake Adventure

    20 Jan 2017
    I love models who go the extra mile with me.  This photoshoot was filled with way too much planning, broken fog machines, crashing tree branches, off roading jeep adventures, and cold lake water. Sandy and I simply love Halloween so we collaborated together to make this spooky, witch inspired photoshoot.…

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