1. Headshots Photographer in Virginia Beach

    04 Feb 2019
    I am very excited to introduce a new service in my photography business and that is in studio headshots located in my Virginia Beach home studio.  I offer the classic white or black backdrop but I like to add a little flair to my headshot images by incorporating mixed colors…

  2. La Jolla, California

    23 Jul 2018
    Last year I dragged my Mom around with me as I photographed every inch of La Jolla Cove, California. Here is a preview of an image I poured my soul into so I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did creating this for you.  Stay tuned for…

  3. The American of Virginia Beach

    04 Jul 2017
    I have one more set to edit from this shoot but since it’s 4th of July I had to share. For this shoot I was participating in the Design Aglow Summer Photo Challenge 2017 and the first theme was #GREETINGSFROM so I wanted to incorporate Virginia Beach.  So I grabbed…

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