Headshots Photographer in Virginia Beach

I am very excited to introduce a new service in my photography business and that is in studio headshots located in my Virginia Beach home studio.  I offer the classic white or black backdrop but I like to add a little flair to my headshot images by incorporating mixed colors and patterns. 

I plan on having an entire gallery filled with all the backdrop options but to start here is this beautiful marble pattern that I can’t get enough of. The mix of black and white tones can pair well with any color but if you want to wear white, the marble is perfect as you wont be lost in the usual bright white background. 

Creative headshots are great if you want your images to stand out from the crowd or if you plan to use your images in marketing designs for your business or place of employment. I offer more than just the standard headshot as I will give you direction to help bring out who you are in your portrait session. These creative portrait sessions are a perfect blend of lifestyle and professional.

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